Breeding Explaination

Why are bengal cats soo damn expensive?

What makes them soo special that they cost a fortune?

The main reason Bengals are so expensive is that they're a relatively new breed, and to "create" the Bengal cat is not an easy task. Breeders usually do not make a whole lot of money from their catteries, and the business of Bengals is mostly done out of love of the breed.

If you're looking for a Bengal, but cannot afford the price, try The Bengal Cat Rescue Network, or You are not likely to find a Bengal at your local shelter. You can also try to locate your nearest Bengal breeder and ask if they have any retired breeders for adoption.

Please note that Bengal cats are not for everyone. They're extremely energetic, they demand a LOT of attention, and can become destructive if they become bored or feel neglected. It's really a lot like having a puppy around rather than a cat. This breed will not lay around the house all day and/or sleep in your lap. They must explore, run, jump, and have a high-protein diet.

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